Top 20 largest UK tech companies 2021

Top UK tech companies

The technology sector is of critical interest in the United Kingdom, as the country’s future growth greatly depends on it. IT and communications companies are at the heart of innovation, rapidly changing people’s lives and transforming business, finance, and the broader economy.

British technology companies operate across a wide range of industries, 提供改变旧商业模式或开发改变整个行业的新模式的产品和服务. With high-tech products and high-value-added services, IT行业的演员们正在激烈竞争,以获得并保持他们在许多高利润市场的份额.

尽管在全球范围内,英国科技公司的规模和成功程度远不及领先企业 American tech companies, they do provide innovative services, telecommunications, software, 以及其他IT产品和服务,为英国和国外的大量客户提供. Thanks to their existing customers and distribution networks, they can expand into new ventures to develop their offer into new markets.

Due to their limited size beyond the first two telecommunications leaders, Vodafone and BT Group, competition in the different tech-related industries, Brexit confusion, 英国科技公司正面临来自内外市场力量的严重威胁. Among these threats, the largest UK startups, also bring serious challenges.

For now, 与其他国家(除了美国和中国)相比,英国顶尖科技公司的前景仍然相当乐观。. The advance of British tech and startups over most countries, 经济和政治力量期望英国未来的高薪工作将来自科技,以及英国对新事物的普遍热情,这将帮助科技公司开发出新的有用的、令人兴奋的应用程序.

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List of the top 20 largest British tech companies by market capitalization

To help you understand what companies are in the technology field in the UK, 英国最大的20家上市公司的详细信息,使英国科技将在下文上市. Each tech company is detailed with presentations of its sector, sub-industry, activities, market capitalization, a direct link to its website, logo, and stock symbol.

以下列出的顶尖科技公司是按市值以英镑计价的, as of the effective close on Friday, February 26, 2021. 它们主要属于技术本身(主要包括软件和半导体公司)和通信服务行业(如互联网服务和电信).

UK tech companies are engaged in a variety of tech industries related to Software, Telecommunication and Internet Services, Data Processing & Outsourced Services, Semiconductor Equipment & Materials, IT Consulting, and Communications Equipment.

有关其他世界领先公司的更多信息,请查看CQ9体育平台的系列文章 Top Companies, and for more information on the country, read our articles on Top Business Resources for the UK.

请注意,如果您正在搜索这些公司的信息,以投资他们的股票, 确保你知道你在做什么,因为你的投资会随着股票价格的变化而面临重大风险. 如欲了解更多有关股市投资及投资组合管理的知识,请浏览CQ9体育平台的网页 best online courses on stock investing and trading.

Shortcuts to each tech company

To facilitate your browsing in this long list, 这里有快速链接,可以直接进入英国前20名科技公司中的任何一家的详细信息. Be sure to also check the Top 10 UK tech companies’ summary after the list!

20. Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments logoIndustry: Semiconductor Equipment & Materials

Oxford Instruments plc researches, develops, manufactures, rents, sells, and services tools and systems. 它成立于1959年,生产了第一个用于科学研究的超导磁体, leading to the creation of magnetic resonance imaging for body scanning. Since then, it has grown to produce tools and instruments for a wide range of applications, including atomic force microscopy, semiconductors, renewable energy, mining, metallurgy, and forensics.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.03 Billion – Stock ticker: OXIG

19. FDM Group

FDM Group logoIndustry: Information Technology Services

FDM Group is a provider of information technology services. The company recruits, trains, 并将自己的IT和业务顾问安排在各种技术和业务领域, 包括开发, project management, support and operations services, and information security. It operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, North America, Europe, and beyond.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.096 Billion – Stock ticker: FDM

18. TalkTalk Group

TalkTalk Group logoIndustry: Telecom Services

TalkTalk电信集团为英国的个人和企业提供电信服务. Under the TalkTalk and TalkTalk Business names, it provides fiber, internet, telephone, TV, and mobile services. It also provides a number of services such as home filtering, internet and devices protection and security, and voice identification.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.108 Billion – Stock ticker: TALK

17. Micro Focus

Micro Focus logoIndustry: Software Infrastructure

Micro Focus International plc是一家信息技术和咨询公司,专门为中小型企业提供软件产品和解决方案. The company offers infrastructure software products for investment portfolios, application modernization and connectivity, application delivery management, IT operations management, security, information management, and governance.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.402 Billion – Stock ticker: MCRO

16. Gamma

Gamma logoIndustry: Telecom Services

Gamma Communications plc offers communications and software services to small, medium, and big businesses in the United Kingdom and across the world. It provides cloud services, inbound call management, and network services such as internet and mobile. 伽玛通过渠道合作伙伴网络直接向终端客户销售产品.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.441 Billion – Stock ticker: GAMA

15. Spirent

Spirent logoIndustry: Software Infrastructure

Spirent Communications plc is a telecommunications multinational. 公司成立于1936年,为设备和设备的开发提供解决方案, as well as the operation of communication networks throughout the world. Spirent是一家网络和安全公司,也为通信提供生命周期服务保障和链接设备, government, financial services, healthcare, retail, and transportation industries.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.441 Billion – Stock ticker: SPT

14. Blue Prism

Blue Prism logoIndustry: Software Infrastructure

Blue Prism Group plc是一家授权机器人过程自动化软件的公司. It provides Software-as-a-Service solutions such as a digital workforce platform, intelligent automation capabilities, and process discovery tools. Blue Prism has a significant customer base in the financial services, industrial and manufacturing, communications, media and technology, hotel, utilities, public, and health and life sciences industries.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.444 Billion – Stock ticker: PRSM

13. Moneysupermarket Group

Moneysupermarket Group logoIndustry: Internet Content & Information Group PLC是一家以金融服务为主的价格比较和编辑为主的互联网公司. Through its MoneySuperMarket, TravelSupermarket, MoneySavingExper, and Decision Tech brands, 它为消费者提供在线和基于应用程序的工具来比较各种产品的价格和省钱, including energy, car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, mortgages, credit cards, and loans. In addition, the firm offers financial intermediary services.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.556 Billion – Stock ticker: MONY

12. Kainos

Kainos logoIndustry: Software Application

Kainos Group plc为公共和私营部门组织提供数字技术服务和平台. Focusing on the public, healthcare, and financial services sectors, 它为英国的客户提供各种数字服务和日常实践服务, Ireland, the United States, and internationally.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.614 Billion – Stock ticker: KNOS

11. GBG

GBG logoIndustry: Software Application

GB集团股份有限公司是一家提供身份CQ9体育智能服务的公司. The firm and its subsidiaries provide fraud, identity, 以及位置解决方案,以协助企业验证和验证其客户的身份和位置. It also offers fraud and compliance management systems, as well as fraud investigation and detection services, in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and throughout the world.

Website: – Market Cap.: £1.621 Billion – Stock ticker: GBG

10. Computacenter

Computacenter logoIndustry: Information Technology Services

Computacenter plc is an IT infrastructure services company. It provides endpoint, cyber security, information security management, and identity and access management solutions. Computacenter also offers client computing, workplace, and mobility solutions. It has operations in the UK, Germany, France, and the United States.

Website: – Market Cap.: £2.381 Billion – Stock ticker: CCC

9. Softcat

Softcat logoIndustry: Information Technology Services

Softcat is an IT infrastructure provider. It offers a range of services in technology implementation and management, consulting, and professional services, notably through software licensing, workplace technology, networking, security, cloud and datacenter, asset management, business intelligence, and analytics.

Website: – Market Cap.: £2.913 Billion – Stock ticker: SCT

8. Spectris

Spectris logoIndustry: Scientific & 技术工具

Spectris plc is a manufacturer of precision instruments and controllers. The company’s products and services help its customers to identify the structure, composition, quantity, 颗粒和材料的质量贯穿于他们的研究和产品开发活动, during the pre-production evaluation of materials, or within the manufacturing process.

Website: – Market Cap.: £3.527 Billion – Stock ticker: SXS

7. Renishaw

Renishaw logoIndustry: Scientific & 技术工具

Renishaw plc是一家专注于计量和医疗保健产品的工程公司. Well known for its coordinate-measuring equipment and machine tools, Renishaw specializes in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy, and manufacturing. It also sells dental scanners, computer-aided design software for dentists, neurosurgical robots, and accessories.

Website: – Market Cap.: £4.185 Billion – Stock ticker: RSW

6. Rightmove

Rightmove logoIndustry: Internet Content & Information

Rightmove plc owns and operates是英国领先的在线房地产市场和房地产网站. 它在自己的平台上经营广告服务,主要是转售和出租物业广告服务, advertising services to new home developers, and overseas and commercial property advertising services. 其他服务包括来自第三方广告和CQ9体育服务的非物业广告服务.

Website: – Market Cap.: £4.933 Billion – Stock ticker: RMV

5. Auto Trader

Auto Trader logoIndustry: Internet Content & Information

Auto Trader Group plc is an automotive classified advertising company. Auto Trader Group plc is a classified advertising firm for automobiles. Handling both new and used automobile sales, 该公司还在其网站上提供服务,包括为私人卖家提供汽车广告, display advertising for manufacturers and advertising agencies, and insurance and loan finance products to consumers.

Website: – Market Cap.: £5.316 Billion – Stock ticker: AUTO

4. Sage

Sage logoIndustry: Software Application

Sage Group plc,也被称为Sage,是一家技术解决方案和服务提供商. It serves over 6 million small and medium-sized enterprises in North America, Europe, and across the world with enterprise software, cloud-connected and hybrid solutions, and business management solutions.

Website: – Market Cap.: £6.123 Billion – Stock ticker: SGE

3. Aveva

Aveva logoIndustry: Software Application

Aveva Group plc是一家专注于信息技术的全球性公司. It offers engineering and industrial software solutions, as well as digital transformation solutions in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, extended reality, and the Industrial Internet of Things. It has operations throughout the Asia Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

Website: – Market Cap.: £9.758 Billion – Stock ticker: AVV

2. BT Group

BT GroupIndustry: Telecom Services

BT Group plc, trading as BT and formerly British Telecom, is a multinational telecommunications company. Tracing its origins to 1846, BT has grown to operate in about 180 countries, operating in a number of services to individuals including fixed-line, broadband, and mobile services, together with subscription television and IT services. BT还为企业提供一系列的连接、通信和IT服务.

Website: – Market Cap.: £12.25 Billion – Stock ticker: BT.A

1. Vodafone

Vodafone logoIndustry: Telecom Services

Vodafone Group plc is a multinational telecommunications company. Engaged predominantly in mobile connectivity services, Vodafone also provides broadband, television, and enterprise services such as voice, 云服务以及为包括汽车在内的多个行业应用提供的物联网服务, insurance, and healthcare. 作为英国的领军企业,沃达丰还直接或间接地在150多个国家开展业务.

Website: – Market Cap.: £32.74 Billion – Stock ticker: VOD

Summary: Top 10 UK Tech Companies 2021

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Top 10 UK Tech Companies 2021

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Top 10 UK Tech Companies 2021

Here are the 20 largest British tech companies. Do you think they are worth their market capitalization? 他们提供一个有价值的和方便的服务吗? Do they have too much economic power… and maybe political power too?

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